About Our Services

Oakbay Consulting offers trainings on negotiationcommunicationfacilitation, and conflict management skills.  We also help women handle the unique obstacles they face at the negotiating table. 

Our most popular workshops are two-day seminars, but we can customize trainings from half-day programs to weeklong courses.  In addition, Oakbay Consulting mediates disputes, facilitates conversations, trains trainers, and coaches individuals. 

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What we teach


Whether you are trying to persuade clients to pay you the fees you deserve or asking vendors for a discount, your organization needs to maximize the amount of value it can get at the negotiating table. We can help your employees learn how to gain substance while building long-term, sustainable relationships. 


How can we disagree without being disagreeable? How can we share bad news in our organization without demoralizing our employees? This training helps participants approach a wide range of difficult discussions with more confidence and capacity for learning. 

Conflict Management

Even the smartest and most competent people encounter conflict in their professional lives. These workshops will help participants learn how to identify opportunities for growth, surmount challenges, and handle disputes in a productive and professional way. We also train managers to handle conflict among direct reports and foster better collaboration. 

Gender and Negotiation

Women face unique obstacles at the negotiating table. Both male and female counterparts may hold inflexible expectations that make it difficult for women to negotiate value and build relationships. These data-driven workshops share recent research on how to be effective in the modern corporate world. 


Other Services


It can be difficult to make decisions as a group. Yet we know that bringing together multiple people with differing opinions can lead to new ideas, creative opportunities, and wise guidance. Our facilitation services can help design and lead your meetings to make them efficient and productive. Because our facilitators do not have a stake at the table, they can provide a neutral voice, and they have the skills and experience to channel disagreement into fruitful discussions. We can handle all stages of the process, from identifying key stakeholders, bringing people to the table, facilitating the conversation, encouraging creative thinking, managing dissent, to providing a follow-up report after the meeting has ended.  



Suing over a disagreement can be a slow and costly process for both sides. In contrast, mediation can help you make your own choices about how to settle a dispute. Our mediators are trained neutrals who assist you and the other party or parties in communicating more effectively. Mediation is a voluntary process, and in contrast to court, you retain decision-making control. Mediation can be an efficient and long-term method for managing conflict. Contact us today for more information on the process or our services.  



Even the most experienced executives need personalized advice and guidance about how to manage conflict, build relationships, and negotiate for more value. Our one-on-one coaching services can help you prepare for any conversation, from a crucial salary negotiation to a tough conversation with your board. We will help you identify common dynamics and pitfalls, share theory with you to improve your ongoing efforts, help you practice and prepare, and assist in your review of the conversation so that you can be more effective. 

Our coaching can take place over the phone or in person. The most effective coaching takes place over time, on an ongoing basis, but we are also available for individual sessions. If you are interested in our coaching services for yourself, we can help you gain confidence and comfort. If you are interested in offering our services to employees who could improve their performance, we will work with them to recognize their ingrained habits, leverage their strengths, and mitigate their weaknesses.


Dispute Systems Design

Dispute Systems Design refers to the practice of helping an organization develop one or more methods for managing internal conflict. In consultation with your key employees, we can design a customized solution for your most common disputes. Whether you want to manage stakeholder engagement processes, set up an ombudsperson office, improve the capabilities of your existing HR team, or just learn about the options, give us a call.